Nippon Tokuso Co., Ltd.
  <Urawa Jyuhou Kayaku Ten, Inc.
   Special Procurement Division>
Address LEFLASUCC Hirakawacho Bldg.1-9-9,
Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0093
Main Business: Planning of domestic and overseas comprehensive national security projects. Our products range from personal special equipments to large scale equipments such as:

 *Security Equipments
 *Disaster Management Equipments
 *Special Equipments
 *Bullet-proof and Blade-proof equipments
 *Special New Materials
 *Storage Batteries
 *Platform Screen Doors
 *WIG Aircrafts

                    and many more ...
Other Related Business:
 *Import, sales and agent businesses for Combustible
   Natural Gas, Helium, LPG, and other various industrial
 *Import, sales and agent business for Petrolium.
 *Development facilitation, import and sales of rare metals
   (nickels etc), metals, and minerals.
 *Real estate sales and brokerage.
 *Real estate and investment fund projects.
 *M&A intermediary and consultancy.

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